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B-Series Propeller Generator

Your fast and simple online tool for solid propeller geometry

Propeller Geometry within Seconds!

The online apps on this website allow you to quickly generate high-quality CAD geometry for the B-series propeller.

It’s absolutely simple to use and beautifully designed to make propeller design a joy.

You have two choices: A preliminary design tool and, further down this page, a direct geometry generator for advanced users.


  • Enter your information about the ship and the propulsion system

  • We do the calculation to find a suitable propeller shape that fits your requirements – in just a few seconds

  • Check the visualization of the propeller

  • Download the final STEP/STL file of the propeller


Fast Geometry Generator

Do you already know your geometrical blade parameters values such as pitch, rake, thickness, diameters etc.? Then try out the fast blade geometry generator, which gives you direct and accurate shape control!


Yeah – we know, it’s not perfect yet.

However, this service is still in a beta phase with the purpose of collecting feedback, so we can’t guarantee perfect accuracy or output file quality. The 2D profiles of the generated propeller are very close to the B-Series definitions. However, some deviations are possible with regards to the original B-Series due to modifications we apply if we consider it as required and practical. In addition, we recommend that a thorough engineering study be conducted before the generated geometry is used.

Note that both online apps require the use of e.g. Chrome or Firefox browser. There are known issues with the Internet Explorer.

We are happy to receive your feedback. If you have any input or questions for us, or if you need a special propeller design that is not covered by this propeller generator, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Drop us an e-mail or use the feedback form below – thanks 🙂


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